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Online Poker Contest


The road to becoming a successful poker pro is not a highway. Because, the game requires a lot of basic knowledge. If you want to keep up with the opponents while playing poker, you have to learn a lot first. Even seasoned players never stop learning about poker. Especially beginners always make the same mistakes with the Texas hold’em. To avoid these typical mistakes, and to play poker successfully and safely, you should follow the following strategic advice.

Do not play too many starting hands

The feeling of having to play each hand is one of the biggest mistakes that theĀ  beginners made. They are impatient; they want action and not anxiety. Maybe they just do not know it any better. All the boys, ladies and aces on the hand look good. But they do not always have to be a good starting hand. Basically, there are only a handful of good star hands in poker. With the big rest it’s a good idea to fold the cards. The probability of hitting the right cards on the flop is very low. Good players usually play less than 25 percent of their starting hands. Beginners should not play more than ten percent of their starting hands. Cards that have the same color are called suited cards, such as check 10 and check 5, for example. Many beginners play this hand hoping to hit a flush.

Know when to better off the cards

Many beginners do not pay attention to the probabilities and often go along with or even increase with bad cards. They hope for a triplet or a road and therefore do not get along that they have long since lost. A King’s pair can be a good starting hand. But your chances of winning are significantly lower if an ace comes on the flop. Decide on good cards if you think your opponent has a better hand. The odds of improving your own are pretty low. Mistakes are a good opportunity for a beginner to learn, but they can be damned expensive.

Be unpredictable

There are no friends at the poker table, so it’s always good to know your opponents strategy. While some beginners are becoming more risk-averse, new poker players are often afraid to make mistakes and lose. For that reason, they discard their cards until they know they have an unbeatable hand. With the knowledge about the value of the own hand they set particularly aggressive. Experienced poker players recognize this behavior at the table and instinctively discard their cards. The result: Despite a monster hand, the profit is low.

Pay attention to the amount of your bets

Never play as a beginner in no-limit or pot-limit games. Without a doubt, playing these variants is one of the biggest mistakes made by beginners. Poker newbies should always play games with a low limit. Only spend as much money as you are prepared to lose. Playing poker is faster than winning. You only win a big pot with a combination of luck, skill and bad players. For a loss, a few moments of inattention or lack of discipline are enough. And the opportunity to iron out mistakes is very rare. Protect your bankroll with a disciplined game and never bet more than 10 percent of your bankroll per game. Never play for amounts that you cannot replace if lost.

Note the position at the table

Your position at the table is very important when playing poker. If you play under the gun, (to the left of the big blind), you should play fewer hands than the button. In this case, the danger is very high. As players sitting further back raise and you are forced to put more money into the pot.




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