How to Find a Accident Attorney

How to Find a Accident Attorney

Truck accidents, especially those involving commercial tractor-trailer trucks, often result in catastrophic damage – severe personal injury or death to those involved. Because the injuries are so severe, it is important to find a top Chicago truck accident lawyer to represent your interests in the investigation and litigation surrounding the accident. The question becomes: how do you find the right lawyer?

One strategy is to have a lawyer in mind even before tragedy strikes. Many people know someone they trust who is a lawyer – yet, all lawyers are not the same. A lawyer who handles divorce cases is not someone you want handling your accident case. Be proactive about finding a lawyer who concentrates in accident cases. Do they have experience handling truck accident cases from both the plaintiff and defense side? Go to the law firm’s website. Read the publications they have written. Look at their case results. Check out their qualifications.

In any serious accident, it is critical to contact an attorney as soon as possible. In serious truck accidents, for example, the insurance company for the truck involved will often be contacted within minutes of an accident, and will send an investigator out to the scene to chicago Accident Attorneys gather evidence – take witness statements, photographs, etc. Each day you wait to hire your own lawyer delays any investigation on your behalf, and allows more time for evidence to disappear.

The internet contains a ton of information about the various law firms that handle accident cases. Be careful, though. Oftentimes, the firms that spend the most money on their website and advertising are not the best firms – indeed, they often refer their cases to other lawyers. Read about the lawyers who will be handling your case. Analyze their background, and look at their results. Go to the Chicago Bar Association website and look up the lawyers; also consider the Illinois State Bar Association.

This should go without saying: always take the time to interview an attorney before you hire him or her. In a catastrophic injury case, never hire the Chicago accident attorney just by talking to him or her over the phone. You need to sit down with the lawyer and make sure you are comfortable with their demeanor and believe that are the best lawyer for your case.

Finding a Chicago truck accident attorney through the interview process should not have to cost you a dime. Most attorneys today offer free consultations because they want the opportunity to evaluate your case and you as a client, and oftentimes convince you they are the best lawyer for the case. Accident cases are often handled on a contingency fee basis – if you win an award or settlement, the lawyer gets a percentage of the award or settlement; if you lose, the lawyer gets nothing.

Finally, the Chicago truck accident lawyer you ultimately choose must be on

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