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What Are Good Investment Tips?

What are good investment tips? This is part science and part art as well. Often the theories and the economics that you have learned along the way can only take you so far. There are some instances where in the gut feel and the instinct plays a crucial factor in making that investment work. So there is a need to develop some strategies that can be used along the way and these strategies can be further tweaked and modified with the use of tips that can be sourced from many providers. So what are these tips and strategies that the future investor in you can follow and live by?

One important thing to remember is that investments and the property markets are cyclical. This means that the value of the properties that you have will usually go up and down and up depending on the mood of the market. So it is important that the market should be understood well so that the investor can unload at the right time and buy another one at the opportune moment. With such points, you may still ask What are good investment tips? When looking for the next investments, most investors and analysts will reveal their mantra. Always check the location of the investment. Always consider the many locations for the next investment and seek the ones that have a higher price tag or return. The interested investor should also learn to understand the market cycle and the important investment factors of many locations. The ‘in’ location right now may be the location which was battered by recession the other year and this location is now poised for growth this coming year that is why it is also important to do some research and to some market analysis to at least anticipate the movement of the market.

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And when you have targeted the locations that you think will do well, and then it’s time to determine what property in the area has low supply and which has a high demand. When you are involved in investing, there are no escaping lawyers and agents. So it is imperative that you deal with reputable companies when selecting properties for investments. Ensure as well that you are paying the right price for the investment or the properties. Since cycles are normal in this kind of business, it is suggested as well that would-be investors should tackle this issue head-on. Thorough that, you may stop asking What are good investment tips?

25 Keys to Winning the In-Home Service Bid and Stealing Your Customer’s Heart

Do you want your business to make way more money while you work less? Do you want your customers to be so loyal that they wouldn’t dream of calling anyone else?

If you just answered yes, (and I know you did) read on…

Before I share my secrets for bidding on in-home service jobs and building customer relationships, do you mind if I tell you a little bit about myself?

At the time of this writing I have over 32 years experience creating, building and eventually selling service companies.

Currently, I own and run a nationwide carpet repair company with locations in nearly every major city across America. In addition to building and running my own companies, I’ve been trained by several well known sales trainers.

When providing personal training to outside sales people their revenue increases by an average of around 25% – 50%.

Here are the 25 keys I promised you.

1) Enrollment

First of all stop being a salesperson. Stop it right now and never go back to selling your service. Take the word sales out of your vocabulary and replace it with enrollment. Aspire towards greatness in the art of enrolling prospects into choosing your service. Nobody wants to be sold anything. People want you to understand their problem and be the solution to their problem. When you solve a persons problem you won’t have to sell anything. Help someone out and they’ll never forget you… when they need help.

2) You don’t have a service company.

In actuality you have a marketing company that enrolls people into what you have to offer. Everything you say, write and do for the prospect or customer should be all about enrollment.

3) You aren’t “a” contractor, you’re “their” contractor.

When you become an enrollment expert, you cease to be just another face in the crowd. You’re not just another contractor that wants your prospects money. Instead, you’re promoted into their inner circle. You become “their” good friend, “their” expert and “their” advocate in your field.

In the prospects mind you’re no longer a carpet cleaner or a plumber or a contractor. You’re now part of their lives as “their” contractor or “their” carpet cleaner or “their” plumber. If you really care about your prospect, they’ll know it and will always call you first and wait for you when you’re busy.

4) The two most important questions.

carpet cleaning

With every statement you make to your prospect, answer one or both of these questions that your prospect is always thinking:

A) What’s in it for me?
B) What’s so great about that?

For every service or product you want your prospect to want to buy give him several benefits. For example: “We offer Scotchgard to protect your carpet. When you use genuine Scotchgard instead of what most guys are selling, your carpet will release dirt and sand easier when you vacuum it. This in turn will make your carpet last longer because sand cuts through the fibers of the carpet. removing sand from your carpet on a regular basis will save you a lot of money in the long run as well as keep your home looking and feeling cleaner.”

The Psychology of Family

On the need to study family structures and family interactions in the Psychology of Family

The psychology of family examines how and why we have families and close relationships as also the dynamics of family interactions. The structure of families is based on evolutionary biology, anthropology, history and sociology and the roots of family systems are found within these disciplines. However studying family structure will show us how family systems have evolved over time but may not directly tell us why family relationships develop in the first place. Family relationships are in turn studied with psychology, child development and philosophy and suggest why family forms the basis of our existence. The interdisciplinary approach to the study of family will have psychology at its core as human evolutionary biology, sociology, philosophy have significant psychological components.

To begin an answer to the questions on how family structures have developed, early evolutionary history and anthropology will suggest that family, albeit in a different form is the basis of human civilization. The earliest men who lived in caves and forests, quickly formed groups or tribes to protect themselves from wild animals. Research into anthropological remains has shown the life of primitive humans who were cave dwellers. Forming herds was one of the basic security and safety needs of humans as by forming a large family they could attack or defend themselves against wild animals, warn each other of natural disasters, gather food and raise children in a community, almost like modern day societies. Thus the earliest families were tribes or herds and there were several generations of humans in one family. Family sizes were thus presumably large with entire forest tribes forming single families. However this tribal system of forming large communities possibly did not last long and some humans wanted a different kind of life and migrated to places where there were no communities or tribes. Some others may have simply weighed the disadvantages of a group life as insurmountable and reasons could be possible jealousy regarding mates, dissatisfaction in sharing food, shelter and apathy for the rules of a community life. The freedom seekers moved out of this community pattern and groups became smaller and humans started building their own homes and the first human civilization was thus laid with many smaller families, although large when compared with contemporary nuclear families of a couple and their children. The basic human need of safety and security gave way to the fulfilment of more emotional needs of love and sharing through family systems and humans developed attachment and affection as these were constantly reinforced with rewards of love, love making or promise of love.

Humans as we know were born with some basic drives of sex and aggression, as suggested by Freud but humans found that they could fulfil their sexual needs only when they also showed attachment and affection as attachment and affection were often rewarded with sex and through sex, their aggressive needs were also fulfilled to an extent. That is how humans developed attachment and affection and these positive emotions have been constantly rewarded and thus have been reinforced over time to the point that love in a civilized society has been glorified and sex has been degraded. Of course, psychoanalysis would suggest that love is just a sugar coating on our real primal sexual needs, the fact remains that humans have constantly found that indirect love needs are more readily rewarded than direct sexual needs and thus developed these positive emotions of love and attachment as the basis of family structures. Experiments by psychologist B. F. Skinner successfully showed that behaviors are reinforced when rewarded. Family systems are built on the foundation of love, attachment, loyalty, trust, which in turn fulfils safety and status needs and thus psychology is an important ingredient in family interactions.

Five Cab Tips For Your Next Trip

Been in a cab lately? If so, you have probably felt the uneasiness of getting into a car with a complete stranger. Here are some tips to help make your next cab ride safe and uneventful:

1. Have complete directions to your destination in your hand before you sit down in the cab.

2. Get the hotel bellman to hail a cab for you. They are more familiar with cabs in the area.

3. Make a note of your driver’s appearance, cab number and other identifying marks. This info is very useful if you leave an item behind or if you need to report an incident.


4. Never use a gypsy cab. Be suspicious if a cab does not have licensing decals displayed, and a visible cab number.

5. Always get a receipt. Make sure that it has the driver’s name, ID number, date and amount paid.

When traveling for business, transportation to and from the hotel, restaurants and other locations can be tricky. Many hotels offer shuttle services to nearby establishments. Take advantage of these services if possible.

The concierge at the hotel will be able to give details about the best modes of transportation in the area. If you have a lengthy stay, a car rental maybe a good option. Many cities have great rail systems that are cost effective and quicker than taking a cab.

Travel can be great. Make sure your trip is a safe one. Remember to listen to your gut instinct. If a situation does not feel right, it probably is not.

Lifestyle Options

It seems like now more than ever there are hundreds of different lifestyle choices a person can make. It is a good thing there are so many options because a person’s lifestyle choice has a direct bearing on the things they do, the people they hang out with, the clothes they wear, and the things they consume.

Lifestyle choices also happen to be incredibly diverse in that they can range from choosing to be healthy to choosing to pledge allegiance to a certain type of music, to even deciding on a lifestyle devoted to religion. With so many lifestyle choices, it is no surprise that people devote themselves to actual lifestyles on various degrees.


For instance, a teenager might become infatuated with punk rock and decide to devote themselves to that style. At this stage they can choose to simply listen to the music and wear the clothes, or they can embrace the lifestyle wholeheartedly by also dropping out of school, living on the streets, and stealing to survive. This may seem like an extreme example, but they can be found in just about every lifestyle choice.

Retracting back to the healthy lifestyle decision, some people may devote themselves to this lifestyle by simply eating better, while others might decide it entails running ten miles a day, lifting weights, and practicing yoga. Every single person has subscribed to one lifestyle or another at one point of their life, and most people generally touch upon quite a few lifestyles.

Therein lies the beauty of having so many lifestyle choices. Anyone can decide how consigned they want to be to a particular lifestyle, and how many different lifestyles they want to affiliate with.

Why is trending

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LPG Subsidies: Pros and Cons

Recently some of us were invited by IOC on SMS to be a part of the nation building process by giving up our subsidies on LPG. This follows the appeal of our PM to the affluent to do the same. A bold request in a highly price sensitive country and on an even more politically sensitive subject.

The Govt and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have economic reasons for doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers here. The total under recoveries of OMCs as of FY14 is a whopping $24billion out of which LPG accounts for 33%. In FY 16 alone the subsidy is around $6.5billion So then should we eliminate this subsidy?

Fuel subsidies were part of the socialist policies of our Government post-Independence to protect consumer interests against volatile price movements. Another agenda was to help the people especially in the villages to upgrade from firewood and kerosene to a cleaner fuel. However over the years the biggest challenge of the policy makers has been to ensure that subsidies reached the targeted segment. Black marketing, underground refills and subsidy leakages are perhaps the biggest negatives of this policy. The misuse of domestic subsidized cylinders for commercial purposes as in hotels and hazardous trends like using it in automobiles and refilling of gas lanterns prevailed till recently inspite of the fact that it is a non-bailable offence in India.

Implementation of recommendations to address these issues is by itself a task as there are a lot of socio economic factors involved. Capping of Cylinders per connection and introduction of Direct transfer Benefit Schemes (DBT) are some steps which aim at eliminating these malpractices.

Another major drawback has been the benefits not reaching the poor. A statistic reveals that more than 50% of the LPG subsidy is received by the richest 30% of Indian population, whereas the poorest 30% receive a meagre 15% of the total subsidy disbursed.

Sarkari Yojana

So that brings us back to the question of whether we need to continue with subsidy Raj. The middle income salaried class would answer in the affirmative. For this section of the society already burdened with taxes and EMIs a little relief via cooking fuel subsidy is always welcome. In certain metros people have the option of choosing from other alternative cooking fuels which are cheaper.

The rural poor are the ones who would benefit the most if these schemes are made available to them. Greater penetration and efficient distribution in these areas where firewood and kerosene are still used would help gain acceptance of LPG as an alternative. Transition into a less polluting fuel also has its health benefits. DBT would probably eliminate the misuse of the funds.

What Is the Difference Between Eco-Friendly and “Regular” Home Remodeling?

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. The Eponymous “Green”.

Those terms are nearly unavoidable these days. Most everyone is concerned about the state of our environment, global climate change, and preserving our planet for future generation. That concern has sparked an explosion in green marketing. You can find “green” coffee, “sustainable” clothes, and, yes, “eco-friendly” home remodeling.

But what makes eco-friendly home remodeling eco-friendly?

There are several things that distinguish environmentally friendly remodeling and construction from traditional remodeling and construction. Knowing what these techniques are will help you sort out the remodelers who are actually environmentally friendly from the remodelers who are just using green as a marketing term.

Not Remodeling at All

One of the greenest and most sustainable eco-friendly home remodeling techniques is to not remodel at all. Large, extensive remodels create lots of waste and burn lots of energy (think of the amount of gas your contractor’s truck burns going to and from a worksite every day, for instance). So one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly strategies for home remodeling is to not remodel at all.

faust island

Instead, make do with the kitchen or bathroom you already have by making small updates. Changing out the rugs and towels in your bathroom can give your bathroom a new look without a full remodel. Swapping out the hardware (like knobs and hinges) on your kitchen cabinets can give you a new flavor without demolishing and rebuilding the entire kitchen.

Using Non-Toxic, Low or No VOC Paints

A fresh coat of paint is a common part of a remodel or new construction. But traditional house paint can be toxic and often contain VOCs.

What are VOCs? VOC is short for Volatile Organic Compounds. Examples of VOCs include Acetone, Benzene, and Formaldehyde. VOCs frequently give off odors. Short term exposure to VOCs can lead to cough, sneezing, sore throat, and any number of upper respiratory ailments. Long term exposure can result in cancer and liver damage.

While we can’t totally eliminate VOCs in everyday life, you can minimize your exposure to VOCs. One of the primary ways to eliminate VOCs is to use low or no VOC paints.

Non-toxic, low VOC paint is good for the environment and good for you. The use of non-toxic paints and stains is one of the key things that distinguishes sustainable home remodels from traditional home remodels.

A Practical Guide to Remodeling

Depending on the goals of any home remodeling being done, there can be very extensive “to-do” lists for both the homeowner and the remodeling contractor. With everything that needs to get done eventually, it can be very hard to ensure that all necessary tasks have been taken care of. In order to ensure that the house remodeling process is as smooth as possible, a person should take the time to perform some preliminary responsibilities.

Every home remodeling project starts with the dream, desire, or need for a change. Whether a person is looking to increase space, upgrade, increase real estate value, or is trying to make the residence more energy efficient, they should take the time to research and draw out the possible changes. Research should be directed at similar house remodeling projects and should include possible designs, construction, and end results. The goal is to get a firm idea of what the finished product should look like so that there is something tangible to discuss with possible remodeling companies.

Many of these companies do have qualified remodelers that can help make these decisions but an informed homeowner will be able to allocate fewer resources to the planning portion of their house remodeling endeavor. If a general plan is available at this point, it is normally possible to get some estimates regarding the work. This will provide a ball park figure for the home remodeling. An architect from a remodeling company should be consulted for any extensive work.

With some figures in hand, reliable funding needs to be established so that work does not need to suddenly halt. It is also a bad idea to start very large projects if there is not a guarantee it can be paid for at the necessary times. It is imperative that a financial cushion be available on the set budget in case unexpected expenses arise during the home remodeling. Even very qualified remodelers may quote an estimate lower than what the costs actually turn out to be.

CalCustom Remodeling

Once a budget has been firmly established, thorough research regarding the possible remodeling contractors needs to be performed. Verify which permits need to be requested. Check out any referrals for different remodeling companies and make sure to verify all references provided by a contractor. Even though cost can be a very deciding factor, make sure to not just arbitrarily choose the lowest prices. The goal of house remodeling is to have permanent, quality changes. It would be a waste of time and money to have to hire another remodeling contractor to correct mistakes.

Estimates are just that: estimates. Do not be afraid to negotiate with a remodeling company on certain aspects of the price. When an agreement is reach, everything needs to be placed in writing. The contract should be very detailed and should include all work being done, cost, and any provisions requested by homeowner or remodeling contractor.

6 Best SEO Tools To Drive Growth For B2Bs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important, and will continue to be as Google continues to make changes to how they evaluate quality content. With each update, Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) learn and adapt to keep websites ranking well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

When your website ranks well in search results, potential customers find it more easily, giving you a greater audience for your content and a greater opportunity to convert leads into customers. This is the case whether your business is B2B or B2B2C. Understanding the way your customers search will allow you to reach them at that moment with the right content to drive conversions and ultimately revenue.

The 6 best SEO tools we have found to analyze and optimize your site and drive growth are:

Moz offers tools to help you with every aspect of your SEO strategy and optimizations. You can easily conduct keyword research, check keyword rankings, and complete technical audits for your site.

    • Keyword Explorer – Search for keywords and get volume data.


      • Pro Tip: You can customize your keyword suggestions to help you find more relevant data. The “are questions” filter is a great way to instantly search for blog topics around your keyword based on real searches. Google loves it when you provide answers to questions asked by the public!


    • Open Site Explorer – Dig into your backlinks to see if they’re high quality links or spam that may be hurting your rankings.


  • Crawl Test – This is the new and improved SEO audit tool! You’ll see details on these critical elements and more:
  1. 4XX
  2. 5XX
  3. Meta Data (Title and Description Issues)
  4. Duplicate Page Content
  5. Duplicate Page Title
  6. Long URL
  7. 301 & 302
  8. Too Many Links on Page
  9. Robots.txt details
  10. Rel Canonical
  11. Internal Links
  12. External Links
  13. Page Authority
  14. semrush group buy

You can download the report(s) in PDF format and then download the details of each section in CSV format so you can create a cohesive document for your audit report findings!

  • Rank Tracker – Check to see if you’re ranking for your keywords. This tool also holds info for previous rankings so you can see your progress.
  • On-Page Grader – Simply drop in your page URL and the keyword you’re optimizing for and Moz will give you a letter grade and a breakdown of what factors impact the grade and how you can improve.

This SEO Spider Tool reveals the key issues with your site that you need to know from an audit in order to improve and optimize your website. Having some redundancy between your SEO tools means you will miss fewer errors. There is a free version (limited features) and a paid version with expanded features. You can save the spider crawl to review later, and also export individual issue reports in CSV format.